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I need help with my cart page, the issue is that I’m into a B2B business and when a potential buyer choose the products they want and they click on the continue button in the cart page their products details should be send to me for approval. When I click on the approve button they should be notify by email and also the approved details and the new price should be send back to the cart page and the buyer can now pay. Can anybody guide on how to do this. Thanks


create a DB that stores that data.
send your self and email on click to a page that uses autobinding with that DB.
Use url params to filter and search for the specific product data from the email you sent.

Add a button in that page to be only visible for you.
When approved send email to client with the same autobinding page that takes also data from url.

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Thanks so much :heart::heart::heart:, I really appreciate your response but the only thing get right is the autobinding page that takes also data from url, can you explain that or has a reference video for that

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