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Cascade Triggers with Wrapped API Workflows

As stated in the Bubble documentation triggers cannot cascade within a single transaction context. However, with some experimentation one can reasonably hypothesize that API Workflows introduce new transaction contexts (I wish this was more clearly documented). Specifically, database commits appear to fire before entry to any workflow when the workflow is passed Bubble’s thing now.

This means that you can effectively cascade triggers by alternating triggers and workflows. So to get Trigger A to cascade to Trigger B you would have Trigger A do only one action: call API Workflow A passing thing now. This API Workflow A would then make a change to the database that cascades to Trigger B. One can recursively apply this solution to any depth. Clear as mud right?


Interesting… I could swear I tried this exact setup when the triggers were first introduced and it didn’t work. Gonna give it another go.

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Remember that you can only pass thing now or any other things that are independent of thing before change. Dependencies on thing before change will stick the workflow back into the initial transaction.