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Categorizing Data Types - What not to do?

Hi everyone.

So, I was trying to understand how this database truly works so that I can make a better form for a client. That’s a different subject for a whole other time. As I was remaking this data type, into 1 data type instead of multiple data types interconnected and intertwined into each other for a more complex cluster F… I figured, may be better to house everything in 1 data type for my forms. Of course this is a huge trial and error for me to try and figure it out.

What I wanted figure out how to organize my check boxes and inputs so that I can “remember” what im missing and to help me with my direction in what should be next, and what is missing. So I started by trying to understand how bubble’s data type in the database ACTUALLY sorts and organizes itself.

So I tried different things. First I tried organizing everything by Alphabet, then added numbers to it. So heres what Ive found out so far. When creating a data type in the bubble database, If you wanted to add everything from 1 entire form into 1 data type. It is a good idea to print out a form you are trying to get data of and organize everything by an Alphabet Group. Bubble likes to Organize everything in your data type by Alphabets first then numbers. But with numbers, its quite odd, what we normally like to do as humans is add things with numbers, start with 1, go to 10, then just add one. 10+1 = 11. So if you were to categorize your data types by A1-FirstName, A2-MiddleName, A3-LastName we would normally think we would be organizing right and everything is going to work on our behalf. But in bubble its not this case.

What I’ve learned from trial and errors (look at pics provided) is that Bubble organizes things by using increments of 1, but in a odd way. So if I wanted to organize my groups by numbers using a number system 1-100 (or whatever number system you choose), I would have to write it inside the data type as such:


So if you want to save groups of information from a form, like “personal information”, “Employment status”, “Check all that apply”; Make sure to make groups out of them. As in example:

Personal Information: A - Personal Information
Employment Status: B - Employment Status
Check All That Apply: C - Check All That Apply

But those grouped alphabets will be used as a reference within your printed form you are trying to build within bubble. And use the designated Alphabet inside your bubble database as the assignee to your data type.

The major downside to this, is that if you have 1000+ things you want to add to your A Group, saving your information will start to look alittle funky. So you may want to organize in smaller groups or start adding additional copies of the alphabet, like AA or BB, or AAA or BBB - if you want to organize your data within the data type in the bubble database.

Sure its complicated AF, but this is how I have to do it to keep my things organized within the database. But seeing how this system works for me, I would like everyone else’s input. And maybe it is something the creators of bubble can fix or organize the data types as such to help us the coders make our lives alittle easier and less stressful. HA!

We shall see…

What is everyone’s input?