Category drop down not working

So recently I’ve been working on an application site and I have ran into the problem on the back side of things where when all the applications go into the repeating group they show up but when I select a certain section that I want to see it doesn’t want to show that section. I’d appreciate anyone’s assistance in helping me with this issue.

@brennanlgaming Inspect dropdown options in debugger to see if the options are blocked by privacy roles or another condition

This is what I see in the debugger I’m not really noticing anything

What is the data structure and what are your search parameters in the RG? Impossible to know what might be happening without knowing at least that much.

Is this what your talking about?

:slight_smile: That doesn’t show the relationship between the application and the department. Do you have a department field on the application?

And how is the search structured in the RG when you Do a search for applications?

Sorry took me a little bit too respond but yes I do have a department field within the application section /

and this is the conditional section -

So it’s a lot easier to help if you actually take the time to explain your structure and what you are trying to do. A screen grab of the conditions you’ve set tell me absolutely nothing. I will give you this tip, your requested department field needs to be a link to your department thing, not just a text field.

Good luck…

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