CAUTION ! Bubble Meta

Do not visit “Bubble Meta” if you are already logged in with your account. Your account linked credit card will be billed by bubble for meta_public app and their support mentioned that as per the terms and conditions they will not give the money back.

  1. What

Yeah… what?

The screenshot that you shared, that’s your app right?

On a safer side, its better to remove the “Credit Card” on the bubble account to avoid automatic billings, But i found there is no option for that too

meta_public - is the bubble home page (Demo)


Meta_public | Bubble Editor



Who’s app is that?

And how/why can I edit it, given that it’s settings have it as a Private app

And why/how can I purchase plugins or upgrade the subscription for someone else’s private app (and have it charged to their card)?

What’s going on here?

This app is owned by Bubble, it’s there from the start of bubble to know the styles and design they used for making bubble home page

Anyone can visit this editor

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Even if it’s owned by someone, how come one gets charged simply for opening editor of a public app?

Well, ask the so called admin of the app how he could do this :slight_smile:

Not all links are white links. Be careful.

Thanks for flagging. Our team is looking into this and we’ll provide an update soon.

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