Celebration card creator

Hi there,

I’m new with Bubble, playing around it, and trying to create a tool where users can select a celebration date, put in a text, and it automatically generates a celebration card (image) that matches the chosen event and with the inputted text for them.

Now I’m not sure what the “Get card” button is meant to do.

Please help point me in the right direction.

This button should launch a Workflow made of several actions. One of them will be to build the celebration card (an image + your text). You can create a group cobtzining an image + text, and you’ll find several plugin that will help in converting the group to an image, or a pdf.

You can then ask the user to print the card, or better, to send it by email to the recipient(s).

You can also have templates for the celebrations cards.

. Lot of use cases!