Censorship on bubble

I have developed a web app which allows writers and authors to upload extracts from the projects they are working on and get feedback via a messaging system. Non fiction, fiction, poems , anything that involves words. While I know there are image and content filters APIs, and we are not tolerating hate, promotion of illegal stuff or explicit content, I don’t want to get into the role of censoring writing. I am worried that valid discussion of human sexuality may be construed by the Bubble bots as offensive and the app shut down.
It seems that Bubble is concerned that adult theme material is not good for business. Images of course. But creative fiction ? Is Bubble the right platform?

The web app is imaginapedia.com.
the long term plan is to make a native app when Bubble unveil/unleash this - this year was the last I heard.

I’ve seen some posts on the Forum mentioning that Bubble has some alerts in place for the content stored in the database, but why don’t you check with the Support team to be absolutely sure? This is a genuine request and ideally shouldn’t be a problem, but still, better to check

thanks for the advice