Center Map on Zip Code

I am trying to use a value taken from an input that is used as my zip code for searches.

My input is set to text as I don’t want to display the name of the city the zip code is associated with.

I’d like to center my map on the zip code but am unable to as I keep getting error message saying it needs an address. I tried to have a hidden input which takes the zip code value as text but changes to address as type for input but still get the error message.

Any ideas on how to get the map to center on a zip code?

Add another input and hide it. Set the initial content to the text input’s value.

Use the hidden input the centre.

That was actually the first thing I tried and got an error message repeatedly in the editor. Just tried it again and got the same error message in the editor.

I decided to keep trying to get a screen shot of the error message. After about five more tries without success but without an error message popping up it finally accepted the input as an addresses value as the dynamic data for centering the map.