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Center text vertically


Was looking for a solution like yours and was wondering if you could share the code?
Would really appreciate your help.


Hey @info.norbert.nica :wave:

Does this work for you? The code is on the page level.

Editor: 805testapp42 | Bubble Editor

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Hope that helps! :blush:


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No, sorry, I have text in a group and its bloody impossible to align it vertically. (the group has no max width).
I never learnt CSS, HTML or anything like that but normally I find solutions online and can figure things out 1+1 =2 i learn quite quickly but this one seems like rocket science for whatever reason. :frowning:

I found some codes that actually put the text in the middle of the actual text box but doesn’t matter if i choose flex or not the text box seems like it doesn’t follow the height of the group just the width thus the text will never be vertically centred

Can you share a screenshot so we can get a better idea of what you are trying to accomplish? :blush:

Hi @J805, Sure.

So on the first Image in the green border, you see the text element I try to set vertically in the group that is the red box. It does not matter how I twist the html element even if I set the height to a fixed px it does not increase. As you can see the text is vertically centred in its own element.

And non of the emelemnts have maximum ristriction on them.

Hey @info.norbert.nica :wave:

Do you need to have the group there? Can you just use the text element instead? If you need a border, you can add the border on the text element itself so it looks like it’s inside a group. Would that work better?

Hey @J805 I tried, it does the same thing. the border is there only for illustration to you

Ok. So are the images growing in height? Maybe it’s something that can be handled with responsiveness.

From what I can see, it looks like the image is growing but the text element isn’t. It’s hard to know from just a screenshot. Maybe share a link to the editor with view only access and we can take a look for you.

Guys, I’ve struggled with this issue for a while, when using dynamics text, but in summary, the 20-second solution is to use a button disguised as text, as shown by brian above.

The button won’t expand with content but that’s not a deal breaker - the vertical text alignment is perfect.