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Center the entry from a Repeating Group scroll

Hi, team! :raised_hands:

Well, I’m trying to do something I can’t figure how.

I have this repeating group and I want to highlight which item is selected and center it on the screen.
I’m using the action “scroll to entry in a repeating group”.

To make it centered, I’d use the vertical offset, but it does not work responsively to the device’s screen as the offset is a fixed value.

Ideas on how to work around on this?


By “centering it on the screen” are you trying to imitate the behavior of a pop up? Or do you really want to simply scroll to an entry of a repeating group?

If you want to do the latter, you could simply get the viewport height and design the responsiveness dynamically

If former, why not simply send the data to a pop up?

Hey! thanks for your reply!

I’m trying to imitate the behavior of a jackpot wheel, in which the item on the center is highlighted and magnified, but the other items remain visible so a user can can spin to the preferred direction or click another entry from the repeating group, and then it centers on the screen