"Center the text vertically" doesn't work for multiline text

When “Center the text vertically” is selected, it only centers the first line of a multi-line block of text rather than the whole block.

Yes we’re aware of that. You shouldn’t use this feature then, it’s safer.

Ok, cool. Do you guys have a public bug tracker?

The forum is a little by about that, but we usually fix big very quickly so having a list wouldn’t do much. That one is probably more about a better documentation, where we would say not too use it on more than one line.

Hi, i just stumbled upon the same issue here. I solved it by simply using a html element with a special css formatting. I used this css hint for the centering:

Best Jeremias


Any update on that?

Any update here? Running into the same issue.

It would be very nice to get a fix for this.
Appending the styles
display: flex;align-items: center;
to a text element works perfectly to center multiline text.
Sure you can use this in an HTML element, but then you lose the font styling options without using CSS.


Is this still unsolved? It’s been 3 years.

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Best way to get around this is to use a bit of math.

Say your text element has a 16px font and 1.5 line height, just multiply the 2 to get to 24px text element height.

If your text will be longer than a single line, make sure these 2 options are unchecked and the text element will grow vertically.

Put that text element in the middle of a group with some distance between the borders (aka padding). Voilà, text is vertically centered.