Center the Text Vertically under Styles

When you pick Center the Text Vertically under Styles, does it center properly when you have more than one line of text? I couldn’t get it to center…

Hi @ggparcnever

You have to consider a few things.

Height of the text element itself
Size of the font
Setting of the line spacing

The last one is tricky as it is essentially a “multiple”. It increases the size of the font by whatever is set to. Example: font size is 12 and line spacing is 1.5 … then the actual font height becomes 18. And if the text element height is less than that you have “trouble”.

Thanks. But I’ve tried all the settings, but it still won’t center.

On preview?

It will not while in the editor.

Please send screenshots of text element in the editor, it’s style settings in the text element properties box and of the app preview of that text element.

If you want it to be truly centered if there are multiple lines, you would have to add a bit of code similar to this: Center text vertically - #22 by J805

Hope that helps! :blush:


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