Centered Repeating Group & Scrolling Containers for RG's

Would it be possible to add the option to have centering added to repeating groups… so the content blocks center themselves until the groups have filled up. So if i have 7 cols across but only 2 are filled, it will be centered instead of being left aligned?

Also would it be possible to make a container group that scrolls AND allows RGS to expand sideways inside them. This way i can scroll multiple RGS inside a group instead of only being able to scroll one at a time independently? I want to make 3 stack RGS go endlessly scrolling to the right and left and stay in sync

Also would it be possible to have variable width RGS… so that i can make the width reflect a data source. Such as a date or number of pixels or a percent. And i am referring to the width of each individual cell. Like cell width = some data source from the cell. Like i could have an input that calculates a number for each cell. Then the cell width can be that data.