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Centering elements horizontally reduces the width by 1px

I’ve noticed that when we right click a group and centre it horizontally the width is reduced by 1px.

I can easily repeat this, just create a group, right click and centre horizonally and you will see the width reduce
every time you do it the width reduces, so if i do it 5 times, then the width reduces by 5px.

This continuously messes up my responsive centred design, where 1 px left or right seems to move the group by so much more when i view it.

How can i fix this?

I just tried making a button, right clicking it, selecting center horizontally. It centered but didn’t reduce the width at all. I tried it a few times and the button stayed the same width. What other details are necessary to replicate this?

I have a page
within the page i have a group which is fixed width and centred
then within the group i place items and when i move them left and right using the keyboard, it reduced the width

So if i type the width, its fine, but if i use the left/right arrows to move the item, then it reduced the width

This happens to me every time with all elements within the group.

If it hasn’t been reproducible by someone else, I suggest providing information about your environment (OS, browser, etc.) and record a clip of the bug occurring. It’s possible it might be isolated to you and you’ll be wondering if anyone is experiencing the same thing.

A client of mine had this same issue that I witnessed while screensharing.

I can’t remember the exact editing that caused the 1 pixel change, but when I was making the specific edit on my computer there was no change in size, yet whenever he made the same change on his computer it adjusted the element by 1 pixel

Must be something with OS and browser setup

I’m using windows 10.

Whenever i move elements the px is always changing

So its frustrating, because i move elements up and down using mouse arrow keys, and i can observer the width changing.

So this often stuff up my layout, icon sizes, everything.

Now that i know it happens, i tend to fix it everytime, but its time consuming

I use Chrome and Windows 10 and haven’t had this issue. What browser are you using? Can you share a link to your editor so others can see if we can replicate it in your app?

How do I share a link to my app?

Also could you possibly break my app, as I’ve put so much work into it?

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