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Certificated Bubble Developer

One of the major problems people looking for freelancers have is establishing applicants’ Bubble expertise. A certification program run by Bubble would help immensely. There could be multiple levels (bronze, silver, gold, and platinum) and Bubble could charge for the process of certifying to recover the costs.

Just a thought. I would appreciate other’s thoughts.

It looks like there was a certified Bubble Partner program at one time. If that was the same concept and failed, it would be useful to know why.


This is actually a pretty darn good idea!

They have already started professional program with assessment.

Please give me a link on the Bubble website. Thanks

Search for professional level.

Yeah, their Bootcamps and Coaches are really the only “Certified Bubble Developers” because I’d imagine they had to go through a process with Bubble themselves. From what I’ve seen, people reach out to those that interact and show a lot of Bubble knowledge on the forum…

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People who post in Jobs/Freelance have a huge range of activities they want done from doing the entire app to helping them solve a specific problem or improve their UI.
Bootcamps and Coaches are the “Platinum” class of Certified Bubble Developers, people who,I assume, mostly do it for a living. There is a much larger number of people who took a couple of free, short courses and hammered out their app and would like to freelance as a secondary activity. The Bronze, Silver and Gold levels of Certified Bubble Developer was aimed at allowing clients to use those people to get their needs met at much lower rates.