Certification for product/project managers of Bubble agencies


After watching the conference I have a question about whether product/project managers are ‘envisaged’ or ‘expected’ to be taking up this cert process? If it was mentioned during the conference I missed it.

I have already completed two bootcamps (that included building Bubble apps) and am currently building my own app, so I have demonstrable knowledge.

I’ve managed multiple very technical custom projects using various technologies and languages and never been a problem.

I’d like to know if this is expected/encouraged by Bubble to complete this cert as PM? As you know we have multiple different capacities and duties to deal with as it is.

Thanks for the clarification.

If your only role is Project/product manager - there is no point for you to complete Bubble certification (as for me).

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Hi Nigel,

Thanks, but could you elaborate. I’m assuming there would be nothing wrong with the Product/Project manager on any given certified Bubble agency, on any tier, working on a client project. That’s what I’m trying to clarify.

Is this a question @emmanuel may need to clarify on? I’m sure he’s busy after the conference, but when he has time