Challenging problem with :group by/aggregate and fields derived from other fields

I’ve been designing a screen that’s going to be using a lot of group by/aggregate fields. For the first RG I’ve built, the “sum” fields were not fields as such, but the results of a calculation of two other fields:

  • quantity
  • unit price

I found I couldn’t sum on this of course, so what I did (rightly or wrongly) was add a new field called “total amount”, but then I needed this to be updated whenever “quantity” or “unit price” change - so I added this into the workflow of the sheet where the user adds/edits those two values (this is a financial model that the user builds).

So far, so good in that it all works - however, I now need to create another RG doing a similar thing but based on different fields - and the “total amount” this time could change based on the user changing any one of a number of fields, to the point that it’s going to get pretty messy…so I wondered whether there is any way that fields in the database can be defined to ALWAYS be automatically the result of other fields? Or that I can define the “total” amount as some kind of temporary field to use for the aggregate feature?

Just to add some more detail/explanation:

The “Revenue” model (the one I have done already) has 24 cells (representing 24 months)

  • if the user changes the quantity for any of those 24 months, the “total amount” for that month is calculated as (quantity * unit price) where unit price comes from the product on that RG row
  • if the user changes the unit price for the product, the “total amount” for ALL of those 24 months changes as a result

This is still quite untidy and it seems having “total amount” as a calculation rather than an actual field would be SO much easier…but then I can’t use it as an aggregate on my :group by

The next RG is calculating COGs value - and the “total amount” for a given revenue line for a given month would change if ANY of these change:

  • revenue quantity for that month
  • COGS item unit cost
  • COGS item quantity used per {number of items} of sale
  • COGS {number of items}

I’m trying to avoid spending what seems like wayyy too much time setting up all these possible workflow combinations, if there’s an easy way to just have a field be dynamic…

Thank you!

Hello @debbie

Explore database triggers :smiley:

Below … an excellent resource to learn how to approach them corectly

Thank you - I did look at that, but it seems it would take the same amount of work as setting up all the workflow features (which I have set already for my “revenue” RG and works well). What I’m really looking for is not to have to do all the definition work…

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