Change a filtered list of things

Do you know how can I change a list of thing only for things that meet a condition ?

I have articles and sellers. Sellers are available only during theirs opening time. I want that when page is loaded, all articles updated: field available=yes only for articles that “article’s vendor’s opening time meet curent date/time”.

Thank for help!!

You should be able to pass it into a workflow that’s triggered by page load. If the list is very big that could slow down your app a lot. What is it that you’re trying to do, perhaps there’s another solution?

No the list isn’t very long si it’s not a problem, but it’s important that it’s automatic.
The trigger is not a problem. I just can’t find how to change a list of thing only for things that meet a condition… :frowning:

are you able to share the app or replicate your set up on a sample app? I could take a look.

Hi there, @adrien.depret… what you are describing sounds exactly like the Make changes to a list of things… workflow action with your conditions being constraints on the list to change. Is there any reason you can’t use that action?


I would like that when Data’s creator’s Available vendor’s Time range available contain (POINT) current date/time (:extract hour), the current Data’s Available = “yes”
It’s possible if I give a precise field to Bubble but I can’t find how to do this for all field.

The “only when” for "Make changes to a list " don’t allow me to just choose specific fields (at least I didn’t found how), and I can’t filter the list (“add a new constraint”) because Bubble don’t allow me to put the condition (that I wrote at the beggining).

I hope it’s may be more understandable…

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