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Change a thing... and make a sum of an other element

Hi Bubble Community,

I have one table that register events with the number of hours spend by event name,
and I would like to save in a second table the cumulated hours spent on the events which have the same name.
But I can’t figure out how to change the number of hours in my second table.

So I have this 2 table

when an element is click I am creating a new event Registration,
in the same time I am creating a new Project Stats if the project name is not already contains in the data, and I would like to make a change to Project Stats number of hours if the project is already there …

Does anyone know how I could do that ?

Here is my editor :
Thank you in advance for your help.

In case somebody face the same problemI finally solved it, i’ve got trick by the name “change a thing” and “change a list of things”
Even if i new that my elementwould be unique i needed to change a list of things and not just a thing!


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