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Change all but one things within a list

Hi guys and gals,

In my app I have a situation in which the user has to choose one out of many offers made by companies, let´s say 5 offers.

I am looking for the workflow in which, when the user accepts offer 1, offer 2-5 will automatically be changed as well.

On the user type I have three lists of offers (new_offers, old_offers, accepted_offers).

a) User clicks on the button ‘Accept’ to accept offer 1;

b) Workflow which removes all offers (1-5) from 'new_offers´ and adds to ´old_offers (all companies that created offers);

c) Workflow which removes the accepted offer (1) from 'old_offers´ and adds to ´accepted_offers (company which submitted the accepted offer);

step a I´m okay with, but I´m not sure how to filter out and change just those users who made an offer for the specific damage request. Anyone an idea how to do this, or know of an even easier solútion to my problem? Thanks in advance!

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