Change an existing Data Type (table) from Publicly Visible to Privacy rules applied

Is there a way to change the privacy of an existing Data Type (database table) from “Publicly Visible” to “Privacy rules applied” so the same exact rules are in place for the Data Type as would have been the case if when it was originally created it was created as “Privacy rules applied”?

Hi there, @bryan.holmes… I’m not sure I completely understand your question, but if I do at all, the short answer is yes. You are the one who defines the privacy rules for a data type regardless of whether you define them when you first create the data type or long after the data type is created. So, yes, you can set the rules up the same way you would have if you had set them up as soon as you created the data type. Is that what you are asking?


I see that you can change privacy later. I guess what’s not clear is how you do that so that the same exact rules are in place if you had originally set the Data Type as “Make this data type private by default”.

Full disclosure, I don’t know and haven’t thought through privacy rules. So maybe this is super simple. My guess is the answer to my question will tell me step-by-step exactly what to set after selecting “Define a new rule.”

So long as this step-by-step instruction gets to the exact same privacy setting as would have been the case if I originally had checked the box “Make this data type private by default” when I first created the Data Type then the answer is “yes, this can be done.”

Hope this helps clarify.

Ah, my bad… I didn’t realize you were talking about checking the Make this data type private by default checkbox when you create the data type. All that checkbox does is create a simple rule on the data type where a thing’s creator is the current user, making it so users can only see the things they have created. So, yes, you can easily construct that same rule on a data type where the privacy checkbox was not checked when the data type was created.