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Change another filed


I created a user sign-up page in Design, added the workflow with the action ‘sign the user up’.
But when I go back to sign-up page and add two additional fields, those fields cannot be found in Change another field. anyone can help? thank you.

Hi there, @helloworldnyc… did you actually add the fields to the User data type or did you only add the elements to the sign up page? If you did add the fields to the data type, try refreshing the editor to see if the new fields show up.


I didn’t create fields through data type.
From the chart above, first name, last name, date of birth are all added from the DESIGN page and it automatically shows up in the workflow CHANGE ANOTHER FILEDS.

  1. do I need to add the new filed through data type? if that is the case, could I know why the other fields has been added into Data Type directly, but the newly added fields is not added into Data Type?
  2. for the phone number, under design, there is Content format US Phone, but under Data Type, there is no such option, should I use Number in this case?
    thank you.

You need to create the new fields on the user data type. There is a shortcut to create a new field whist you are building a create a new thing workflow via the set another field button, so I suspect you used that to create the fields. This is not the case with input elements.

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