Change automatic email

I am having some problems with the Workflow in one zeroqodes templates, it is with it automatically sending an email I dont mind it sending an Email, what I would like to know is how I can edit it, so that it sends a different email than the one that is already being sent.

It would be helpful if someone could give me some directions on how I could change it.

Hi projects1,

there are a few options here:
If it is an automatic mail such as a confirmation mail received after sign up. go to your editor settings, languages and edit the texts of the various automatic mails sent out.

If you see the workflow action “Send an email” you could change the text there.

If you want to change the whole formatting and create your own templates, instead of using the workflow action “send an email”, you can use the sendgrid plugin, and customize what you want there, and use the action, plugins-> send mail via sendgrid.

Let me know if you want further info on the last one via pm, happy to help.