Change background color of cells between two other cells

I have a RG with many cells.

There will be two cells “selected” by clicking and there will be a number of other items in the list that go between those two cells.

What the most efficient way to change the background color of those cells inbetween? Is it somehow using the current cell’s index?


How can i change the background color for cell 2, 3, 4, 5 once cell 1 and 6 are “selected”?

Pear [cell 1] - Selected
Apple [cell 2]
Orange [cell 3]
Banana [cell 4]
Mango [cell 5]
Strawberry [cell 6] - Selected

Save the values of the selected cells somehow, like a custom state, but as separate states ( From / To )

Then use conditionals on the group you will change the background color of using a conditional to compare the current cells index to those custom state values ( From / To )

Something like current cells index is greater than From and current cells index is less than To

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Thanks once again, @boston85719

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