Change button text based on field value

I need to change a button’s text value based on the first value of a repeating group on page load. Explicitly if the field value is “no” then change text to “Do thing A” and if “yes” then “Do thing B”.
I can get the button’s click to differentiate between the field value and to take me to different pages based on the value of the first item in the repeating group but not change the text of the button. I hoped that I could add something in the Page Load event. I can set the text of the button to the field value but I need a more descriptive text value other than “no” or “yes” .
Can anyone help with this please?

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Hi there, @marcoforte8… you can reference the first item of a repeating group’s list of items in a conditional on a button, and you can change the text of the button based on a particular value in a field of that item. So, something like this…


Is that what you are trying to do?


Good morning @marcoforte8 have you tried using formatting text? this is very useful when you want to display a text if yes and another when no

Perfect guys - thank you. I thought I had tried that but I had set an override in the page load which was screwing that up. Works well, thanks again

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