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Change data-field by assigning result of a division


How do I assign the result of a division of two numbers from other data types?

I’m able to search for a datatype(consDays) and choose first item’s field(consSum) but not able to search for an other data type to divide it.

Do you have a public link? This should be possible.

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What do you mean by public link? Yeah, it seems like a possible operation.

The link to your app’s editor, so that I can check out the workflow. You can make it read only if it’s public or set up a sample in the forum app:

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I made a page in the forum app called ellapp with a description of what I am trying to achieve.

Check it out now. When that 2nd type box comes up, you can click on it to select the ell_2 type.

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Ah! Thank you so much! I see it now:D Thank you thank you.

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