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Change Data Type Name Affects All Belonging


I’ve assigned “Persons” to “Groups” for sorting/RG’s. Works great; I’m running into issues trying to workflow making changes however. I’d like the user to be able to edit a group name, and that change to apply to all “Persons” that belong to that Group. They also maintain membership in that group.

Example: Tina belongs to Coworkers. User changes name of Coworkers to Friends, now Tina belongs to Friends (and is still on a “List of” or searchable for RG).


Solved it myself:

-added Field “_Person_Group_ID” to Persons
-when a new Person is created, the Group that they belong to’s Unique ID is added to the Person’s _Person_Group_ID
-the Groups are now utilized via their Unique ID, but the user sees the _Groups_Field; a change to the _Groups_Field text does not impact the structure of the Groups as a whole