Change Date Picker's Value on the basis of a dropdown's value

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As mentioned in the below image, i have a dropdown containing duration like yesterday, last 7 days, last 14 days etc.

The repeating group is being loaded on the basis of the date picker’s values. Now, when i change the dropdown’s value i would like the date pickers value also to change.

For Eg: When i change the dropdown to last 7 days I want the date picker A’s value to change into Current date time (+days) - 7 and when i change the dropdown again to yesterday it should change to current datetime (+days) -1

Any help in this would be great.

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Hi @sriram, you can do this by adding conditions to the Date Pickers.

“When dropdown’s value is “last 7 days” (this is case sensitive) > initial content = current date (+days): -7”

Do that for all of the dropdown options on both your date pickers (I assume you’re creating a range)

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