Change email sent based on type

Hi there,

Struggling to find the logic needed for this workflow:

A user clicks a ‘submit’ button to send an email prepopulated with files and information they’ve uploaded to a media outlet.

I would like the email to be personalised to the user type that it is sent to. In our case the email would ask for:
-‘airplay’ from a radio producer / presenter
-‘playlist listing’ from a Spotify playlist editor
-‘feature or premiere’ from a blog editor

I am happy to set up three different ‘send emails’ workflows, but cannot find how to ensure the right email is sent only when the ‘medium type is=playlist’ for example. Is there a way to do exactly this?

I have the editors/producers categorised into ‘Mediums’ and can filter the list with no problems. I just can’t find out how to send the right template email when the medium equals ‘___’.

Do I need to use option sets or ‘contains’… bit lost. Thanks for any help!

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