Change font color of Data source

Screen Shot 2021-08-03 at 10.20.54 pm
Screen Shot 2021-08-03 at 10.18.24 pm

Hi guys,

Is there any way to modify that color?


What colour?

The grey color!

What is it? A Text element?

You can change the font colour of any on-screen element in the properties editor (or by using styles).

No it’s the data source in grey.

Data source of what?

I’m not sure I understand what you’re asking here… How can you change the colour of the data source? (that doesn’t make any sense - the data source is where the data comes from - it doesn’t have a colour).

You can only change the colour of things that appear on the screen. You can do so in the properties editor for the specific element.

From the image you posted above it looks as though you’re referring to a text element (as you’re asking how to change the font colour). In which case, as I’ve said, you can change the font colour in the properties editor, or by editing the style that the text element (or whatever element it is).

If that’s not what you’re asking then you’ll need to clarify the question or post some more informative screenshots to show the issue you’re having.

It’s all in the title and the first post.

There is an entry in the first picture to get quantity of order (from data source) and the second picture shows the quantity in grey color that is showing in the live version.

I’d like to have it displayed in the same color I use for my site: Orange in this case.

As I said, you can change font colour in the properties editor for the element (as in the picture I posted above).

Or, if you’re using a style for the element, you can change the font colour in the style element.

If you’re not seeing the font colour option in the properties editor, it’s probably because you have a style applied, so remove the style from the element and then you’ll see the font colour option.

Screen Shot 2021-08-04 at 7.58.20 pm
My bad… I’ve noticed this earlier but didn’t keep it in mind. Any way to use custom colors with this?

If not I’ll set it black and change my input color to back as well…

I still can’t see from your images what kind of element it is, but it’s obviously an input element of some kind…

For some reason, certain inputs (input, multiline inputs, search boxes) only let you select placeholder colours from a predefined list of colours, whereas others (such as dropdowns) let you chose from the entire colour spectrum.

So if you want to change that you’ll need to use some custom CSS.

Having said that, do you really want to be using a Placeholder for that text? Wouldn’t ‘initial content’ make more sense here? Or even just using a text element (why does it need to be an input at all? Or if you are allowing the user to type a number, then you want to set the input text colour, not the placeholder colour).

Obviously, I don’t know your app or what UX you’re trying to achieve, and can’t see very much from the screenshots, so perhaps there’s a good reason for using an input, and displaying the data as the placeholder, but I would have thought using initial content and setting the input text colour would be what you’re trying to do here, more than using a placeholder (and the easiest way to achieve what it seems you’re trying to do).


It’s from the Air Dev Shopping cart. I tried to modify it a bit and couldn’t have input into the text so I’ve chosen a group where I entered the type of content and the data source then placed my input inside.

I thought about CSS as well!