Change Hours +hour saves random times

I have an Add Event page where I am registering specific dates for an event in a list field called “dates”. I’m using the Calendar plugin to let users register each date with a certain time.

With a Workflow “when calendar date is selected” (or whatever it actually says) >save date>change hour to (my hour field)>+(hour) set to 12 (for PM). Sometimes this registers correctly and other times it just adds random times that aren’t within the constraints I placed. I’m almost certain this is a bug but hoping it is an easy fix as I’ve been working on this the entire week

This solution may help you debug: [Solved] Date input for Calendar

Thanks for the suggested topic, however all of those concepts I already understand and are implemented in the workflow.

The problem is that when saving the date/time it will work fine for a few entries and then just begin doing its own thing. Usually subtracting an hour instead of adding one but other times it just enters a completely different time altogether. I’m pretty sure it is a bug with the calendar plugin.

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