Change in elements automatically reflect in live app

Hi there! Just a newbie question!

I know that in order to immediately reflect data from developer to live, we still have to deploy them by pressing/clicking the “Deploy current version to Live”.

But when reflecting elements from developer version to live, do I still have to do the same? Clicking the “Deploy current version to Live”? or is that automatic?

Hi there, @janernestgo… you definitely have to deploy to live in order to see changes in development that have been made since your last deploy reflected in the live app. Also, keep in mind that deploying to live does not copy your development database into the live database… that is a separate action, and rightly so because you want to be very careful when copying data from development to live because you are overwriting the live database. Again, though, deploying to live has no effect on live data… it just pushes all of your app changes from development to live.

Hope this helps.


Thanks @mikeloc for clarifying that.

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