Change initial content of an input box

I’m trying to put the current user’s hourly rate value into the input box where it says “hourly rate”.

It should already have a value there, which is the hourly rate that the user has previously set. it should show this once the popup box appears and then allow the user to edit this number and change the value.

Currently I’m struggling to do this - I have screenshots if anyone can help. Thanks!

I’m not sure what your ‘Labels’ datatype is, or what that has to do with the hourly rate, so it depends what that is, and how it’s connected to your user.

But, if your User datatype has a field for hourly rate just set the initial content to current User's hourly rate

If the hourly rate is connected to a ‘Label’ which is in turn connected to a User, then use current User's Label's hourly rate

If the User doesn’t have a field connecting it to a label, and you need to search the database for the label instead to match the label to the User, then make sure to use :first item on the returned search to select an individual item from the returned list.

Then use that label’s hour rate as your initial content.

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That’s worked. Perfect thanks :slight_smile:

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