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Change input +/- in repeating group

Goal: to change an Input within a repeating group by clicking on the +/- buttons.

Screen Shot 2022-01-29 at 6.46.20 PM


  • The default value of the Input and the increment of the +/- are dynamically looked up from the database (i.e. Row 1 has a default value of 4.5 and an increment of 0.5; Row 2 has a default value of 0.18 with an increment of .01). I want to hit the green “+” and see the 4.5 change to 5.0.

  • The Input is NOT connected to anything on the back-end; it is not saved anywhere because it doesn’t need to be.


  • The +/- buttons cannot have an associated backend workflow using “Data \ Make changes to a thing” …because there is no thing (it isn’t being saved anywhere, which is what I want).

  • The +/- buttons cannot have an associated backend workflow using “Element Actions \ Set state” …because, while I can set a custom state (and have the Input’s initial value = the custom state), this won’t work because: (a) the default value of a custom state cannot be dynamic; and (b) I tried to set the custom state upon page load (via a “General \ Pages is loaded” backend workflow…see below), but I found that a custom state on an element in a repeating group is not discoverable as an “element” in the dropdown.

Any thoughts or workarounds would be greatly appreciated!

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