Change item if something is missing

I currently have a database of 7000 items and i need to now manually add an image to each item. whilst im adding them i want the ones that dont have an image to have a default image. I’ve tried adding the image to the “default image” area in the database but that doesnt work. i dont want to have to manually go through each item adding them when i already have to do that for the other images anyway

What you need is a “API workflow” that you can run from the data tab using the “Bulk” function.

Create a view of items that don’t have an image and run the API to update it,

Been there so many times it hurts !


yeah i managed to get the data automatically added to my database without having to use an api (mind you it ran for 48 hours straight before it was done). I was hoping to do the same here but I guess there’s no work around with this one.

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