Change Name of Button in Response to Clicking Another Button?

Is it possible to change the text of one button after clicking another button? Seems simple, but I’m not sure whether to create a workflow on the button being clicked or insert a dynamic value into the button to be changed. Or would it require some combination thereof?

Ok, I got it. I created a new state for the button to change. Then, for the button that gets clicked, I created a workflow which simply sets that state on the other button.

I actually struggled with this for a while before posting, but I’m starting to come around to the Bubble way of thinking.

Also, FWIW, I get tripped up on occasion by seeming inconsistencies in the UI nomenclature. For example, what’s called a “State” in the workflow editor is referred to as a “Conditional” (condition) in the element inspector. If the “Conditionals” tab were renamed to “States”, this solution would have been much more readily apparent to me.