"Change page action should not be used in a native app page"

Hi! I’m building a single page social media app and are using URL-parameters for navigation. But the issue checker warns that “Change page action should not be used in a native app page”. Why is this issue appearing and what is the alternative?

I have checked the “This page is native app”-box.

Checking “This page is native app” basically switches off the responsiveness on pages from my understanding - so if you want your pages to be accessed on screens of different sizes then you should uncheck this.

The go-to page function is typically used to send you to a whole new page, even though in this case all you would be doing is adding/changing the URL parameter. Which is why you’re getting this error. It’s not smart enough to know that you’re still remaining on the same page.

So you have three options

  1. Uncheck “This page is native app” and make sure you pages are properly responsive and look well on mobile devices. That error will go

  2. You could look at using a plugin like Sudsy that you can get to rewrite the URL to whatever you want and then have groups show/hide based on that. This allows you to avoid using the go to page workflow.

  3. You could just use states instead of URL parameters, but there’s a whole bunch of reasons why you probably shouldn’t do this.

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@josh24 thanks for the help!

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