Change Page Actions should not be used in a native app page

I currently have a searchbox’s on my app where users can click on it and change their destination based on the value of what page is selected on the searchbox. In the app itself / preview it seems to work as intended and fine, and just a bit confused on why it is flagged as an issue to fix as I want to deploy my version to Live.

Hello @559968 welcome to the community!

A page built for NATIVE mobile use (when you set this as one of the page settings) should be managed as a single page app in Bubble.

Ah thank you, I completely missed that

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I’m using Progressier for my push notifications and the popup for subscribing to notifications appears based on what the URL is. My URL is the same for signup and for the dashboard because it is a native app. I need to distinguish between the two steps so I wanted to add a param to the URL… but I can’t do this because of this error :frowning: If there is another way to add a param to the URL without using this workflow I’d love to know - doesn’t make sense to ask the user to subscribe to push notifications until they’ve signed up and landing on the main screen.