Change position of element in mobile view?

Hi! I have an app that has “posts” and some “posts” have a “featured” tag. Everything looks awesome sauce on a full sized screen. However, in mobile view, the “featured” tag collapses to a position that I don’t really like and I’m not sure how to change it:

Here it is, looking nice on a laptop screen:

This is the mobile view and the specific “feature” tag that is driving me crazy. How can I move it to the desired spot?

featured - mobile


Areyou using the new responsive engine or legacy? If the former, you might get a better response in that dedicated forum, and screenshots of the configuration from the Layout tab of the Properties panel would be helpful.

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I’m using the legacy engine.

In that case, there might be some “shenanigans” involved. Hopefully, someone else will chime in. I’ve been focusing exclusively on the new layout engine since it was released 3+ months ago.

Unless you’re stuck with the legacy engine because you’re relying on plugins which haven’t been updated, you might consider converting your page to the new engine. Just make sure you fully understand the consequences of clicking that Upgrade responsive [beta] button before doing so. (If you do go that route, might be best to clone the page and upgrade the copy.)

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I just screwed around with it a bunch and got it looking pretty good on mobile. :slight_smile: Grouping things together seems to help a lot.

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