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Change radio button options based on logged in state

Is there any way to dynamically disable or hide individual choice options in a radio button? When a user is not logged in I need to prevent the option to sort by distance from the user’s home.


Out of my head I see two possibilities here:

  1. Create two radio button items and manage the visibility based on whether the user is logged in or not.

  2. Work with dynamic input field (e.g. Option Sets) you can say that if a user is not logged in, the data source is the same but minus the item you want to hide.


Hope that helps.

Awesome, thanks for the super fast reply! I’m going to try to implement suggestion 2 because I think that might integrate with my sort logic better.

Glad it helped :wink:

Why am I not seeing “choices source” as an option in my conditional logic options?

You need to change it first on the appearance page. You might have not a dynamic choice but rather a static one.

I got it! Working perfectly. “Options Sets” is a new feature to me so I learned something here. Thanks for your help Sarah.

My pleasure :wink: Every day we learn something new.