Change Search For dynamically

I have a dynamic choices radio buttons with a Search for.
It has some constraints, but I want wipe the constraints with the click of a button for the user.
For the moment my Search for selects on a parameter between 1-6 to make it more easy for the user to select the option they want. Sometimes it can be that the user want to select an option without looking at the 1-6 parameter.
So short: Can I wipe my constraints in a Search for with a button?

Thanks in advance

You might want to check the Conditional tab of the properties editor. You can dynamically set the source, default value, caption, etc.

@sudsy 's reply is good for doing things conditionally, a note for if you want to trigger the change with an event:

You can’t access the radio button element’s data source in the workflow window, which is strange because you can for many other types of elements in bubble. A quick hack:

  1. Put your do a search for in a repeating group (style the repeating group to take no space)
  2. Point your dynamic choices (radio buttons) to be that repeating group’s list of items
  3. In your workflow you can now set up any event (button click etc…) and “display list” in the repeating group to show/hide whatever you want (as long as it’s the same “thing” type.


If I understand correctly, @duke.severn, there’s no need for a UI element. Just use a state configured as a “list of texts” (or whatever type you need to reference) in lieu of the repeating group.

That said, however, in this particular case, I don’t think there’s a need for an “intermediary” (either state or repeating group) at all. It sounds like the aim is simply is to allow the user to toggle between 2 sets of radio button choices - i.e. to perform two different searches (one with constraints and one without) based on a user action. That can be done using a checkbox and a Conditional as follows…



Much leaner, thanks for elaborating :slight_smile:

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