Change text field in database using a button

Hi there,

I’m creating a dynamic multiple choice questionnaire that the user completes each question, their choices are stored under a temporary user account in the database and then their results are shown at the end.

Each question is stated at the top of the page with the potential answer presented below in squares/shapes (designed to look like buttons) with one word answers contained in each shape for the user to select the answer and proceed.

In the database therefore I want there to be:

Data Type = QuestionResults
Data Fields = Question 1, Question 2, Question 3 etc.
Field Type = Text
Data = Answer A, Answer B, Answer C etc.

So when the user is on Question 1 and they select Answer B the database should update the Question 1 Field Type for that users data i.e. “Answer B”

I have tried doing this in workflows:
When user selects Answer B (shape/button) > Make changes to current user > Question 1 = [help]

I can’t work out how to get [help] to register “Answer B” or whichever option the user selects. I have tried typing as text “Answer B” given the workflow is individually created for each potential answer selection but it doesn’t allow you to input as text into this workflow.