Change Text in Popup depending on which Button was clicked

Hi together,

I have an application that requires users to ADD or EDIT XYZ. For this I would like to use the identical popup and change the heading accordingly to either: Add XYZ once the “Add” Button was clicked and “Edit XYZ” once the Edit button was clicked.

I saw this solved with arbitrary text once. But I don’t remember how it was done. Does anyone have a solution for this?


Hi there, @philipp.laengle107… if it was me, I would likely set a custom state’s value to the thing that is being edited (when something is being edited, of course), and I would use whether or not the custom state is empty (which it would be when something is being added as opposed to edited) to drive the content (including the add/edit label) of the popup. Make sense?

Hope this helps.


What is it they’re adding or editing?

If it’s a Thing in the database, and the popup has a content type of that thing, you can just use ‘when popup’s thing is empty’ as the condition (i.e. when it’s empty say ADD, and when it’s not say EDIT)…

Of you can use a custom state to do basically the same thing (as @mikeloc already said…)

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