Change the password for another user

Hello bubblers,

I’m building the admin dashboard of my application and i will want to be able to change the account of any user with the application how can i go about doing that?

ou can do what you described, and here is one way you could go. You could have a yes/no field on the User data type called something like password changed , and have the field default to a value of no. Then, create a popup on the page that users land on when they log in, and add functionality in the popup that gives a user the ability to change their password. Next, add a workflow action to the login process that shows the popup only when the user’s password changed field is no. Finally, add a step to the popup’s workflow that sets the user’s password changed field to yes after they change their password.

sorry, please I just realized that my first message was not descriptive of my challenge. I’m building out an admin dashboard for my application where only permit user can log in to read or update global settings of the application. what i want to do is to permit this selected user (Admins) to change the password of another user if need be. How do i go about that?

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