Change the Recipe on the Recipe App

Hello, I made the whole Recipe App from the Video Tutorials (all the way through), but unless I missed something, It was not shown to us how to change a recipe once it’s submitted. Only Auto Bidding was shown us how to change the Name and About on the Profile page.

I could really use some help because the users for my (hope to be) App need to make changes everyday. Please help. Jo

You can use auto binding too to modify the recipe… or you can run a workflow action (make changes to a thing) to update it.

So I went a step further and made the button bring up a popup I named “Popup change details” .Then, I dropped a few input boxes and a button, and the workflow was to change a name and photo (the other number changes wouldn’t change or go blue). Again, tried to "Change a Thing with the two input fields being the name and photo change. Previewed and tried, Database shows no change, and no change on screen.
Still need help, if anyone can help, I’d appreciate much. :slight_smile:

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Does the popup definitely have data? (check in the debugger to see)…

Okay I was able to change the name, but not the photo. I used the uploader and on preview it uploads another picture, but when I click “save” only the name changes. A photo shows up in the DeBugger, but I’m not sure it’s the new picture. I’ll play with it some more, but I was most concerned with how to change data entries. Which this helps. Thanks, Jo