Change the size of a product in a dinamic product list

Hi everybody!
I’m building a store that generates a personalized product cart from questions you ask. For example if you answer yes to the question “do you do more than 2 hours of exercise in a week?” it will automatically add sports socks to your cart. Once you reach the checkout with all your personalized products you need to choose what size of socks you want (Small, medium, large, extra large), and every product in the cart has different size structures, some are the typical S, L, M XL, but others are 1,2,3,4,5.

Im using a repeating group for the personalized products, and putting a repeating group within the repeating group for the sizes but this is not working.

¿How could I approach these?

Thank you very much in advance for any help.

I would link *product options" data type to each product. This data type could contain any kind of sizes (built using the Options set : sizes t-shirt, sizes shoes, sizes socks,…) , and you filter them depending on the product type (for dock, display “socks sizes”)

Then, in your first repeating group, you add a drop-down or a button or an icon (or what you want) the buyer will use / push to display a list in the drop-down or a pop up, for example, and he will select the appropriate size of his product

No need to a second repeating group I think.

How could I show all the alternatives at the same time and not as a display list? Becouse I would like to have a “recomended” size that its marked, but also show the other alternatives at the same time.

If you use a drop-down, you can set a default value, based on your criteria. This drop-down default choice will be your recommanded size, but your users will be able to select any other size displayed in the drop-down.