Change the value selected of a dropdown field by button actionh workflow

I have a dropdown field, with three static values.

They are all under a field named class.status inside a thing called Class.
The default value of this dropdown is Draft.
I have two buttons in the group, one is called Save and the other Submit.
When I click on the Save button, I want the dropdown field to change from Draft to Saved, and similarly when I click Submit, I want the dropdown field to change from whatever it is to Submit.

How would I go about doing that via the button workflow. I tried changing it via “Change thing”, then selected search for the class.status, but then cant figure out where to go next.

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Hi there, @mntcastle… if I understand your post correctly, you are definitely going to be making changes to a thing. So, if you have classes shown in a repeating group, you would be making changes to the current cell’s class, and you would change its class.status field to Saved when the Save button is clicked or change it to Submit when the Submit button is clicked. To get the appropriate value to appear in the dropdown, you would have the Default value of the dropdown set to something like Current cell's Class's class.status.

I’m not sure if that info is exactly what you need because I don’t know your exact setup. If you share a screenshot or two, it might be easier to pinpoint an exact solution.

Also, just curious… is the dropdown that shows the status on the screen a disabled input? It’s hard to picture a user experience where the user can select a value from a dropdown, but then they click a button that sets the value of the dropdown to something other than what they selected.

Anyway, hope this helps. Happy to try again if I missed the mark and you can share a screenshot or two.


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