Change thing type


I have two things: ‘Cats’ and ‘dogs’. I want to change the thing type with an event by clicking a button: When button A clicked, change thing ‘cats’ to thing 'dogs.

Is this possible, if so, how?

The real story behind it is that im building a ‘form builder’ with a drop zone. You can drop elements (the name of a thing) like inputfields and dropdowns in a dragdrop group to a drop area. The drop area has the data source ‘search for elements’. The things have fields connected to a option set (dropdowns / inpufields). With this I can show the input form ‘Dropdown’ or the input form ‘input’ in the dragdrop group of the thing in the repeating group within the drop area. So far so good.

I have another thing called ‘custom forms’. It has fields called ‘dropdowns’ and ‘inputfields’. Which are lists of the things ‘dropdowns’ and inputfields’.
Problem: I want to save the ‘elements’ as a different type of thing when i click a button (called Save).

Very curious if someone has a workaround. Thanks in advance!

You can’t change a Cat into a Dog… (a Cat is a Cat… not a Dog…) a Thing can’t become a different Thing…

I’m not sure I understand the rest of your question… but that’s basically the answer regardless. If you need to work with multiple types of Things, then that’s what you need to do (i.e. use multiple different things).

(or maybe your ‘things’ don’t actually need to be different things at all. A Cat and a Dog are both Animals after all)

Thanks for your reply Adam. It’s kinda hard to explain and I didnt want to make it a long story. Youve answered the initial question which is enough for me, and I found a strange but good enough workaround, so thanks!

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