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Change to API Host Name Creates Errors Throughout UI

Hi All,

I have an API that pulls data from AWS DB we created. I mocked up some of the UI using the endpoint provided to me by my colleague who is working on the backend. He was experiment/did some additional work, and in doing so created a new endpoint and the old endpoint was deleted.

When I updated the endpoint in the API connector plugin, everything that was using that API broke. It was quite a bit of work. I don’t really understand why this happened. The Bubble object name of the API is unchanged. The parameters are unchanged. The JSON format is unchanged. The only thing that changed is the AWS hostname.

My colleague tells me there is no way to recover the old API endpoint. So it appears I am stuck rebuilding all the logic that uses that API. Or am I missing something? Is there a way to change the hostname in the API connector and not have it break everything that uses that API?

Thanks in advance for any help.

If your old changes are in live then, try to take restore from live to dev.

Thanks @mani2726 but that doesn’t work/isn’t the issue. The original API endpoint no longer exists. So reverting to an earlier version doesn’t make a difference.

I guess I don’t understand why changing the host name makes a difference. Maybe this is an outlier issue, but it seems like the tool is super fragile if everything breaks when you change the value for what essentially is a variable (the API name).

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If you changed anything in the api connector, it will ask for reinitialize the api call.

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