Change URL name


I’ve been trying to change the URL I get when I do search query on my database.
I have the “profiles” page where all the results are.
I would like to go from
To : .com/version-test/profiles/France (as my search query is “France” as an example)

Any idea on how to do this ?

Moreover, Is it even possible to delete the “profiles” page in the slug ?
For instance : .com/version-test/france

Thanks for your replies !!

I’m not entirely sure I understand your question…

But if all you want to do is use a path instead of a query parameter, then yes it’s as simple as just appending the path to the URL wherever it is you’re defining it.

Thanks for your answer.

Yes I just want to change the original URL
To or even better

However, I have no idea what to change to adapt the URL of the page.

Well, wherever you’re adding the query parameter (?search=france), don’t do that…

Just append the path directly the URL instead (/france)…

(if your destination page doesn’t have a content type, then you can just type that directly into the data to send box).